Monday, February 25, 2008

Yet another high or binge...whatever you want to call it.

Because I was so happy with the Brioche recipe I used in my last post, I decided to play some more. Last night I made the dough, and stayed up till 2:30am. This morning I was up by 7:30am at it again. Baker's hours. In some make believe world I was working in my own bakery. Right? Who else makes, Sugar Brioche Buns, Chocolate Brioche, Sticky Buns, and Twice Baked all in one day? I do. I promise I didn't eat all of it. Really, I swear. I just love the recipe. The bread turns out so soft, fluffy, sweet, and well...real!

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Sparky said...

Ohhh lovely brioche, I have always been too scared to try but I might give it a shot after seeing yours!