Friday, July 4, 2008

Bake it Off.

April 20th huh? Close to three months since I have last been here. Well, I think I once heard a saying that pain takes you back. Either that or I made it up, whatever. Happy 4th of July, that's painful to me. I would say that the majority of people associate loneliness and the past with holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, maybe even a birthday here or there. Not me. He and I had some great 4ths. Actually the three of us did. He, I, and the city. Boston. It is such a special place to experience this day. You walk outside not knowing if the sun will warm you or rain will soak you. I was fortunate enough to experience the former two years in a row. But today I am here. I am not by the Charles nor in the atlantic watching blue whales. So I scrap myself out of bed, and into the only place I know I can count on to distract my empty self, the kitchen. It's good to be back. Great to have a haven to help me. Chocolate chip cheesecake. No recipe folks, I just kinda read a little and remembered what I had seen others doing. It was good. Easy, quick, pretty...the cheesecake. A little too chocolatey for me, but I am anxious to try new flavors. Glad to be back, maybe we can start again.

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