Monday, December 31, 2007

Ode to Chocolate Brioche

As I mentioned earlier this morning, I was in the process of making Chocolate Brioche. A favorite. My family got lucky this morning, and I can honestly say they were delicious. For the most part when I bake something I am hard on myself and always thinking about how to better the project next time. Flavor wise I think the Chocolate Brioche was right on! Could've been in better form but next time...

The quiche turned out WAY better than the last. I used cream instead of milk so the filling wasnt runny. Last time I also forgot to prebake the pie crust resulting in sogginess. This time the crust was a little on the thick side and more sundried tomatoes would enhance the flavor. But overrall my night/morning was productive and successful. Great way to wrap up 2007!

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